Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shop Announcements

Right now, I have several of my art yarns marked down 25% in my etsy shop.

  photo e7eeb042-7bce-4ad9-a3b3-3a2a5030a828_zps39884aa5.jpg

Miah has a couple skeins for sale.
 photo 5a9ab6b5-0ea8-4d43-b7d9-fb133d9953c2_zpsdbfd5569.jpg

 photo 9752f78e-37a2-444f-aa1e-4644981a519c_zps86302898.jpg

I have some new items listed as well.
 photo 76d08d69-603a-4d94-ba01-9b5f3bf54971_zps491392ae.jpg

 photo 97b7dfeb-3262-48bb-87c6-f4fe017b5afb_zps2901dc92.jpg

I am thrilled to be partnering with River Hill Ranch to produce some amazingly silky, luxurious art yarn made from suri alpaca.
 photo 8811da71-ae67-4b4a-9903-3028f5d4212e_zpsfd11ae0b.jpg

 photo 5836f1e4-5194-4144-a044-f47f89a3ba53_zpsd2399118.jpg

 Larkin is now Shop Photographer. I think he's doing a fabulous job!  photo 27e53384-22cf-4d67-9ecf-a5126463b2a6_zpsc237eb8c.jpg


  1. These are beautiful yarns, especially love the suri alpaca neck piece.

  2. I would say you have a budding photographer on hand! Love the alpaca skeins. But the last model is the bomb!