Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Schoolish Days

After a two-month break, we started back to school yesterday.  I have to say that I do prefer a more regular year-round schedule, but I really needed that break.  Really.  After about 5 weeks, I was ready to get started again, but I had promised the kids at least two months, so I resisted the urge to jump in earlier than planned.  And so I had plenty of time to be fully ready and excited about continuing our educational journey together.  I really just hate to say things like "first day of school" or " starting back to school", because it sounds so awfully schoolish, but the good thing is planned book work does NOT equal no more summer fun.  Mondays at the pool?  Yes!  Hiking?  Yes!  Playing with friends?  Yes!  And I get way more accomplished and am even a nicer person when I am on a schedule. Okay then.  Guess it's all good!
So yesterday.  We got our books and desks in order, and we did an art project.
 photo 63dbd556-d8e8-4690-840d-7f338cc6d75a_zpsfbde09db.jpg

 photo 1fc520ff-a1eb-4b3f-9114-ab01558d69a1_zps02a9b3d7.jpg

And Elowen practiced being gentle.
 photo 42c4c14f-34b7-4c86-a7e4-908d6def2918_zpsce3db072.jpg
And that was it. Not too terribly schoolish, hm?

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  1. I need something to help Jonah be gentle. Oh and to keep him from the shrieking he likes to do, is there an animal for that? Miss seeing you guys!