Friday, July 26, 2013

This Week's Spinning

I finished the alpaca, angora, sari silk skein I started last week.
  photo b1da4117-86f1-4aed-aaee-e296d6f7cafe_zpsb96a50cc.jpg

 photo 6e23d2d1-e6fe-4586-8659-abcfdb7dbfdb_zps72f938ce.jpg

Coiled a single I've had sitting around for months.
 photo 1277d9f5-4416-42e9-8d72-4ca414790b60_zps5caaf1c4.jpg

OD'd on pink and sparkles.
 photo b24122d8-084a-445d-8c2f-1f08fd403ec6_zps37da44fc.jpg

 photo 7330c17b-397c-4f8a-b7e9-b48116a67f31_zpscd5b5ae0.jpg

 photo 3273bbaa-2874-4f44-b16f-0b7072e9ee1f_zps88e6bf65.jpg

I won two ounces of fiber from 222 Handspun via SpinArtiste.  It came in the mail this week - very bright and full of crazy bits. I spun a single with it and plied it with a pink and green single.
 photo 1046b9ac-218f-44a3-8f0e-99da8f422f35_zpsd0790442.jpg

  photo afc81619-63de-4c9e-a4e4-cb856dc875a0_zps17806e0a.jpg

 photo 5550b5b0-5de3-4032-b31e-f1fea82f250c_zps37be46a4.jpg

 photo 50aabcb8-780a-4ea0-a37b-8ac69bc08b3f_zps0791d6b9.jpg

 photo 710b1e6a-3cef-448a-9705-af1603284477_zps1a0b4fe6.jpg

Miah's batt making and spinning.
 photo ecb33af2-ccca-4a4e-9fcc-4c3753f9b08a_zps1bfad1de.jpg

 photo 6b40a100-aebf-4619-9a60-703e62116309_zpsea4af8b9.jpg

Even Elowen helped out!
 photo 08e0988e-008d-4880-a782-eecb9a95b396_zps6277311d.jpg
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  1. Wow! You've been so busy! I've only spun a little since the tdf - some boring yarn for a requested birthday hat for the Elf and some rolags. But rolags! Oh my! I finally tried to roll some off my drum carder - I'm totally hooked now. (:

    I love your crazy art yarns. I wish I were brave enough to try them. Or use them. Some day I'll get there.

  2. Wowza.....your yarns are stunning. Love the one with the huge looking hot pink Pom poms.

  3. The yarn looks stunning, I am inviting you to share this with Show Your Stuff:

  4. I love these yarns! Your baby helping you card is too darn precious.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun :) Those carders are almost bigger than your little one :)

  6. Your art yarns are beautiful and look like much fun.