Friday, July 19, 2013

Monday Excursion

We wanted to try a new trail on Monday, so we drove into the Smoky Mountains.  This is Calderwood Dam.  Zahana was confused; she couldn't find the dam. 
  photo 5e40c7b6-d7cb-43a2-b55d-d0d28cb26c2b_zps375ee6c0.jpg

We drove The Tail of the Dragon for the first time.  Elowen threw up on the way back. 
  photo 9a4744ff-62ea-4029-9425-d47c226aaf05_zpsae4b80fc.jpg

The trail was just over the border in North Carolina.  I didn't tell the kids we would be in NC, and I guess they never realized how close we are.  They were so shocked when they saw the sign, like we were going to a different country or something.  It was funny.
I really love Smoky Mountain Trail signs.  They don't like to point out sites like falls or cascades until you're almost there, so I'm always kind of wondering if we're going the right way.
  photo 0d5cd25a-5459-4cb1-b635-a4fcc4641fee_zps7ec198e1.jpg

The smell of the woods was just divine, and we only passed one other group of hikers the whole day.
 photo 9cf4e7bf-fc28-42a0-829d-1d7f34bba3c0_zps7596b6a5.jpg

We found what we were looking for!  However, the park website had said the cascades were 2 miles in.  We were prepared for a hike.  It was only half a mile.
 photo 620f32be-ba43-4840-bc6e-b8c4a7416d2a_zpsf6be4349.jpg

 photo b12b1bc1-fa4e-448b-a23a-cdaa08f36347_zps9f0a7076.jpg

We decided we would keep going since it was such a short walk to the cascades.  I had remembered seeing a waterfall on the map. . . somewhere . . .
 photo f631efe7-1292-45e3-a608-dcbc73fd9fad_zpsf905c47b.jpg

We crossed 6 of these log bridges.  The first was the worst.  It was long and skinny and bouncy, and the water underneath was rushing.  Miah, Larkin, and Zahana zipped right across.  Then Rohan started across, holding my hand.  He completely freaked out in the middle.  He grabbed onto the rail with both hands and froze.  And screamed.  I finally talked him across, and each bridge after that was better.  After a couple more, he was going across all by himself.
 photo 82f511fd-5f48-45b9-be29-083b92a7b9be_zps9a383fd7.jpg

Stopping for a snack - fresh blueberries we had picked a couple days before.
 photo 9f56d1d2-640c-451d-a683-e8acfb5fee3a_zpsff80c00d.jpg

 photo 8d06d2e7-cbc1-4d05-ab33-c141aeddeb3f_zpsfd7a42d3.jpg

We came to a crossroads.  The sign wasn't terribly helpful.  No waterfall mentioned, and I had no idea which direction to go.  I let the kids pick.  We turned left and kept going.
Until we got to the next sign.  That was it.  We'd had enough.  When we got back home, I checked the map.  We were nowhere near a waterfall.  But we had hiked about 3 1/2 miles.
 photo 637ca690-6d14-4434-95c1-0810d892d13d_zpsd93ff392.jpg

 photo d7cc647e-40c1-4120-ac60-da01e2a44495_zpsddb8e94f.jpg

The way back was downhill, and I urged the kids on with promises of playing in the water.
 photo 55e19298-e3ae-4bf9-b214-ee4dd5d3c84c_zpsf2fd8ea9.jpg

 photo b1c8d4b0-cdad-411b-878d-c8b13fea7d1a_zpsb8dfb2f3.jpg

 photo e29cb86a-d727-428b-bb98-2e26a81998bb_zps8d0ea292.jpg

The little spot we found was so lovely, it seemed exotic, like we had come to a different country.
 photo 78229d40-8411-4a6a-ba1a-554082f89093_zps3d0771b9.jpg

 photo 3886f1a0-54d5-4d48-9bd2-a77f6a83ca61_zps29587fe7.jpg

 photo 9a8dd55e-ad4e-47c2-8121-24b007a02575_zps38768b3d.jpg

 photo 83ea2c18-9b16-4176-9052-bda60a61c368_zpsa7dca4ec.jpg
Beautiful day!


  1. Don't worry, Rohan. I get a little nervous crossing those bouncy log bridges too- even when I've been over them dozens of times. The pictures made me miss the mountains but I enjoyed getting to (vicariously) go on a little hike with y'all.