Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grotto Falls

 photo f9f962f9-3cb2-44b3-8ef3-49a92ed57101_zps65be7133.jpg

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 photo 6b81c294-17f0-4be7-a63c-4b4b21c3fdff_zpsc630f3d7.jpg

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  photo 80581417-6614-4940-ad33-2e3b9fa97003_zpsef5bd3c8.jpg

 photo 294751b5-a79e-4a79-86a8-1d2915caa121_zps21bbccfe.jpg


  1. Beautiful pictures, especially of Miah. Did you have the place to yourself? When we hiked it, it was a pretty busy trail.

  2. Sarah, do you think Claire could make that hike? She has walked up to the Walker Sister's Cabin without being carried with no problem. How strenuous is this trail compared to that? It looks gorgeous!

  3. This is such a great summer for seeing waterfalls--at least when the rain stops long enough for hiking!

  4. Yes, the weather seems just perfect! There are a lot of people out though. We want to go back when we might have the trail to ourselves.
    Rachel, I really doubt Claire could do it. It's pretty much up hill the whole way, and do you see the roots in the first and third pics? The trail is like that the whole way.

    1. Thanks! So yeah, probably not something I'd want to do in my current state either...;-)

  5. Wow! What a wonderful time everyone is having :)