Monday, July 22, 2013

Ethiopian Coffee Tradition

When we were in the process of adopting Zahana, I had big plans to incorporate aspects of Ethiopian culture into our daily lives. In reality, Jeremiah stepped off the plane with my sweet bundle at 9:30 one night, and Rohan was born at 10:30 the next morning.  Daily life as we knew it was over.  So years have slipped by, and I'm not the awesome mom I had envisioned.  But life, even with another precious addition, does get easier as the kids get older. Last Sunday, on sort of a whim, I thought, " We can do Ethiopian coffee!"  I watched a video of the Ethiopian coffee ceremony, searched the internet for a perfect, authentic coffee set, imagined myself in a beautiful, traditional dress, and then realized if I didn't do things simply, more time would pass, and Zahana would grow up and wonder if I even cared about her Ethiopian heritage.
So we just did it.  After church, we went to the store and bought some cute little dip bowls to serve as coffee cups and found one overpriced box of Ethiopian coffee.  Then we went home and started our new tradition.
Zahana and Rohan gathered flowers for the table.
 photo 6ba7c343-35bb-45bd-8c3b-87c9b96670d3_zpsacee467f.jpg

 photo 2663d957-b8b5-479a-bb3d-ad002728296b_zpsff29cd5a.jpg

 photo bf2b2501-f57e-4521-aa1f-687699212502_zps09df76db.jpg

Larkin made popcorn.
 photo 378537c3-fefb-41ac-93ab-59872a467555_zpsd7897355.jpg

Miah prepared the coffee.
 photo 897d0915-7287-4803-9ebe-5729f8dd7ba9_zps751632dd.jpg

And then we enjoyed it together.
 photo 3a18ebb8-4667-4541-89c3-57a428a96040_zps2f40d770.jpg

 photo 0c78e83c-8e27-4e3b-b102-d581503c791b_zpsf221735e.jpg

Our way.
 photo c2bce819-95e8-4767-bb0e-e7fe8db9684b_zps2a06f65f.jpg

 photo 5349b6cb-2e9f-4ce1-80c5-3c928ef06100_zps597f0cb8.jpg
Afterwards, Zahana thanked me very genuinely three times.  I guess I did the right thing.


  1. Great job with the coffee ceremony. I think you are an awesome mom! I know it can be hard to see when your doing me I really know! My goodness, I remember when you where pregnant with Rohan, and you just had the two little ones, then suddenly you showed back up from Kentucky with "twins". And one of those twins already nearly a toddler, 11 months older than the newborn. I've always admired your mothering and think you are a great example to moms everywhere! You do so many awesome things with your kids all the time! I realize not all (or even much) of life is blog worthy, but still you have really great kids and are making a great life and memories for them with their Papa! :-)

  2. I truly believe ideas like that are God-given! What a simple wonderful blessing! Sometimes, we moms think things have to be so much harder. It takes our kids to remind us that they have so much lower expectations than we have. I'm learning that lesson over and over again!

  3. A genuine thank you is the sweetest to a mommy's heart. You deserve a thousand of them!

  4. I would love to know if you have any info on what the name Zahana means. I love the name but cannot find out much about it. By the way i have spent some time in Ethiopia and used to enjoy the coffee ceremony so was nice to read about this.

  5. I made it up. I wanted a "Z" name. Jeremiah wanted a name ending in "ana". It's sort of a smoosh between the Arabic name Zaina, which means beauty and grace, and Hannah, which means grace.
    The name she was given in the Ethiopian orphanage was Helen. That is now one of her middle names.