Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cell Phone Summer

We've been having lots of fun this summer. I just haven't been carrying my camera around and documenting it. Lugging a baby and a diaper bag and whatever else is usually enough. So, when I think to pull it out, I've been using my phone. Not quality, but it's enough to capture a memory.
 Splash park with friends. We also visited the zoo and played at the splash pad there.
 photo 64a1291c-e3ed-4778-99cc-bc6767e0ecef_zps14003470.jpg

 photo 8ec21a29-64f8-4a9b-bc51-d348f86ca320_zps6ba79bf6.jpg

 photo 63532cd8-c284-4d93-8bc5-6fc3789b3ed4_zps5244b970.jpg

Weeklong VBS at our church.  Lots of friends, crafts, songs, games, and Bible.
 photo bee3038a-1cd9-4e2e-ae3a-9f18ebd27ba8_zpsdbdb72f7.jpg

They also went one day to friends' VBS.
 photo 56a4ae79-9dbc-44b2-b885-6c2380f17204_zpsfd5a9f1a.jpg

We've been hiking after church most Sundays.  This is at the Walker Sisters' Cabin.
 photo 024d3e8f-4925-4644-9f82-9aec1a8c6afa_zpsc64d6e7d.jpg

  photo 040fb8b0-f8df-43df-b030-58f51b3d4d3d_zps84aab074.jpg

Spruce Flats Falls at Tremont.
 photo 6a98de3d-4487-439d-9623-708b52440033_zps0911b614.jpg

 photo b7c30c6d-4a95-40f5-9526-a6dc818954cb_zpscfbe8014.jpg

 photo e098aa9e-25e6-4284-b955-5559cbcd0840_zpsa71e7333.jpg

 photo a92d870f-66f0-4472-ade6-a238b5762243_zps1fb352e6.jpg

We saw a couple black bears on the way back down the mountain. 
 photo 17df3c76-0ebf-4d40-b452-93b51b196cfd_zpsfc633682.jpg

On the road.
 photo abe9af40-3f86-4ef3-b5a2-d10a3e92c0e4_zps2b8012ac.jpg

Picnic and ranger talk at Sugarlands Visitor Center.
 photo a0c52739-1f5d-4762-b763-269cf8c99095_zps039425ca.jpg

 photo 8b7db64f-fae7-4270-abb0-c3b4876094b0_zpsdf084d4e.jpg

 photo c30a5882-f8ad-4f55-a850-ffd5fb9684dc_zps2aa2fe6c.jpg

 photo bc903237-6185-4482-85ab-719d073ce7bc_zpsd18c1ec6.jpg

The short trail behind the center.  Miah took notes on the ranger's talk and the tree signs she saw on the trail.
 photo 431aace8-372f-493e-988c-029fecb96a07_zpsebd04dbc.jpg

Trying for a picture of all the kids, but Elowen wanted to keep moving.  She usually sleeps in the car on the way, but she had no nap that day.
 photo e785218f-0145-42cd-84b2-69d68a3dcda1_zps571aa0ff.jpg

Cataract Falls
 photo a6a31afb-c1db-47d4-b072-bfa189347b74_zps97db23c3.jpg

Nursing Elowen while the kids played.
 photo c9de5f05-05a0-4b1c-afcf-e547b77ad604_zps3b489d49.jpg

There's been lots of work with Papa.  He's getting some free, reclaimed wood and metal to build a little cabin on our 13 acres, so the kids have been helping to get the nails out and making trips up to the property to haul wood and clear land.
 photo 9d878d06-7db3-484a-ab1d-705c962e692d_zps69cc5500.jpg

 photo 22af51ff-7daa-45ac-8205-4283674d89d3_zps61422a64.jpg

 photo 9aa0e06f-8161-4a03-bcbf-7c9bf536c2de_zps67bda9ff.jpg

Birthday parties.
 photo d728c0f4-10e0-4f2e-92df-ed80f0d264d7_zps0ea7952e.jpg

 photo 2a3f7287-33c6-4686-8009-8ddb07e5daaf_zpse80446f6.jpg

Jeremiah took Miah to Cheddar's for her birthday lunch.  It's her new favorite place to eat.
 photo 67d8d2dd-ad29-47d5-8033-9c362afb9e6d_zps667802a2.jpg

Ice cream for Papa's birthday.
 photo d68b5b36-d98d-49a7-8283-93605058b5b1_zps8582d351.jpg

Each of the boys had an end-of-the-season pool party for baseball.
 photo 290cb445-5b5a-4d26-a654-c2f75a418942_zpsa958165b.jpg

Rohan tried to drown but was rescued by all the lifeguards.  (I wasn't there but Jeremiah insists it wasn't as scary as it sounds.  Not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better, but Rohan was perfectly fine and had no problem getting back in the water next time we went to the pool.)
 photo 975f2673-4bc8-4875-8c5b-89f7a684f002_zpscca028b3.jpg

 photo 5c852615-5341-42f4-878a-cc89f17da301_zpscb8281e4.jpg

 photo 03b34617-b80e-4374-9e53-6e0ab7ffcbfe_zpsdc2b5482.jpg

 photo b895b58b-45e4-4399-8f8a-9860319bac14_zpsab8e4a9a.jpg

Roadside peaches
 photo 9629a9b3-fd12-4fcf-afad-4a59741d657b_zps6233ca6d.jpg

The kids have been playing a lot with neighbor friends.  There are two boys and a girl that come over to play.  I'm glad we've finally gotten to know some of the people that live around us.
 photo d182e89b-f101-4400-9137-66625f6ac02a_zps0e400a36.jpg

Plenty of playtime at home too.
 photo 027bc3e1-d880-4568-9d31-a30e1bf88113_zps87ef8aad.jpg

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