Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bunnies, Yarn

  photo 133dd174-ad78-4b33-9b87-101cb2c944dc_zps64a67c85.jpg
Here's our newest addition to the bunnery.  Lycian (LISH-ee-en) is a lilac French male.

  photo 1a2a82a4-ac8c-45af-9313-ccb606fa93ea_zps1f4bdb0a.jpg

 photo 1b01a802-aedd-4c9c-83d5-c9f738a21bba_zps159bf12a.jpg

  photo 347ef865-fa04-461d-8fd8-85bc8f921287_zps5e789c1f.jpg
You can see the difference between the lilac (top) and black (bottom) colors here.
  photo 8da8b24b-4186-4510-b79e-623860076d4a_zps9144999d.jpg

 photo 7188590b-171d-48c5-9557-1ff337b01ce0_zps201c6fda.jpg

 photo e1d1e4c3-b727-40d1-9ef7-7057bbb1057f_zpsacdb362d.jpg

I had been saving a box of Sultan's sable wool and finally spun it this week.
 photo 79fad983-73e6-4950-ad49-dfe4feee4550_zpsbeec8f0d.jpg

A carded batt of baby alpaca and Apricot's fawn wool. (I changed his name.)
 photo f3b6e5c4-d7ce-4390-9584-6be384aeaacd_zpsc9e9227c.jpg

 photo 46cfd619-5a40-4f90-a601-15d285e24507_zps0e63445a.jpg

10 tailspun yards of luscious suri alpaca.  I enjoyed this more than mohair - very silky and easy to work with.
 photo cf9af202-dbb2-48f6-898f-d7f5b408bcf1_zpsfd5de84c.jpg

 photo be099e74-2f1d-4f4e-ae6f-3ea78d51179f_zpsa1ce68bf.jpg

Miah carded and spun these two skeins.  I love them!  It was her first try at Navajo-plying.
 photo 29c0ed05-26aa-4df9-818a-a41a5a11065d_zps93e5d2e6.jpg
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  1. Elowen's saying, "You want a picture of this bunny?" That is too cute! Great job on the yarn! Miah yours is beautiful!

  2. These are the sweetest photos I've seen in quite some time!

  3. Beautiful bunny, beautiful post and very beautiful children. Enjoyed seeing your spinning and especially love the tail spun one.
    Tell Miah her's is just stunning...what a great job on her Navajo plying.

  4. OH I would Love a bunny...have you used their hair to spin?
    Children are so unfettered when it comes to creating...they don't follow any rules just whats in there hearts comes out the hands...and you can see how beautiful her heart is through her gorgeous yarn creation. Way to go Miah.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

    Peeking at everyone on Fiber Arts Friday

    1. Yes, i love spinning angora. It is super soft.

  5. I love all of your photos so hard. I'm so happy seeing your babies with the bunny. Future Fiber Artists!

  6. Your rabbits are so beautiful! Love the yarn you are spinning!

  7. We all just love your pictures! That first one of Elowin pointing is so so very cute!!