Friday, June 28, 2013

Miah's Cricket

Miah's wheel came in the mail! It is a Bluebonnet Bumblebee, and she named it Cricket.
 photo 43992974-a18d-41c8-b28b-fc0c3921d7e5_zps1b01f454.jpg

So exciting!
 photo c5983f60-5626-4f5a-9888-af0eb811ac08_zps6de60b49.jpg

She grabbed the first bit of fiber handy and spun it up.
 photo 416f5556-6ba3-43b8-a009-b79ff194a692_zps473a0c69.jpg

Then she spun the pretty blue batts Larkin made for her birthday.
 photo 12387810-48b4-460f-bcae-b1610d2651ac_zps5c72151b.jpg

This is my most recent yarn, more coils and twists.
  photo 85471d9a-8774-4757-9cb2-b2f60da769d6_zpse31f0414.jpg

  photo e3e0ba4c-0ef7-4e51-a048-1df76ada97f7_zpse079e22b.jpg

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  1. Oh wow....what a lucky girl! How wonderful to have a shared passion. Sadly no one in my family has any interest in learning all the things I love to do. Guess that's what friends are that respect I'm a very lucky girl.

    Will she be joining TdF?

  2. Lovely picture of her spinning. She looks like she is concentrating so hard, but also very serene.

  3. I'm excited for your daughter. Being a new spinner and getting to spin with you...Love it!

  4. So happy for Miah! Can't wait to see more of what she will make!