Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday, Papa!

I'm a Chihuly fan, so when I saw these melted cups on The Crafty Crow, I thought they would make a fun and easy birthday decoration.
  photo 8c848c08-cee1-4e06-af2b-9d911eb73920_zps0dddeae5.jpg

 photo a31e1319-0693-4f6b-a07c-65812d09c590_zps8407a59e.jpg

  photo 6f6dfded-7f48-4ad3-a79e-ee8d1a1e198c_zpsb1ce7e55.jpg

 photo af2d9143-01b3-4fd7-978f-cb44c85edfca_zpsa8d09763.jpg

  photo 86785a7c-a967-43f7-ab3f-4cd6abac68ba_zps90074b13.jpg

I made an angel food cake!  I always requested one for my birthday when I was a kid.  This green glass coke bottle is the exact same one my mom used to make my cakes.
 photo 399f4f46-3f2e-486c-8d69-38757fc58112_zps3b806699.jpg

It turned out!  We had whipped cream on top.
  photo 39bb3585-93fe-4ee4-80dd-9f9546b63bd1_zpsd9527958.jpg

Happy birthday messages in the driveway.
 photo fa91b627-39b2-4dd3-baf8-b13b95b673f6_zpsf874651f.jpg

 photo 3645c43f-ec9e-4ffb-81b5-4c378c09ba39_zpsf1ebd664.jpg

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