Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baby's First Popsicle!

 photo 3a0660cd-7972-46fa-96ca-3f8922c3a1b1_zpsf549d07e.jpg
You would think that with a face like that, she wouldn't want any more.
But she did.
  photo c61ac27e-0b81-40f5-aa37-e3861e71bf02_zpse3a08abd.jpg

 photo ad006986-1b2c-4daa-8e06-ba1bf3b093bf_zpscb284235.jpg

  photo 4e43a8ff-fc51-49a8-af89-4676e920e1c4_zps779165dc.jpg

 photo d673a68c-87a8-4499-9551-945d1707ab17_zpse69d26d4.jpg
It tastes good, but it's just SO cold!

 photo e3d6f005-9ff6-455b-b797-8238b217625e_zpsbcdb44b7.jpg

 photo ef9f12fa-6f8c-4e51-883c-9fb9c8a94426_zps5c951d88.jpg

 photo a66400d3-8db9-41a1-a4bc-fb453fab51a6_zps7b88d729.jpg
Later on, she decided she really does like eating popsicles.


  1. Brr.... She's so cute! Lukey and her have matching thighs. :) His ankles still have rolls though.