Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Bunnery

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Miah's Cricket

Miah's wheel came in the mail! It is a Bluebonnet Bumblebee, and she named it Cricket.
 photo 43992974-a18d-41c8-b28b-fc0c3921d7e5_zps1b01f454.jpg

So exciting!
 photo c5983f60-5626-4f5a-9888-af0eb811ac08_zps6de60b49.jpg

She grabbed the first bit of fiber handy and spun it up.
 photo 416f5556-6ba3-43b8-a009-b79ff194a692_zps473a0c69.jpg

Then she spun the pretty blue batts Larkin made for her birthday.
 photo 12387810-48b4-460f-bcae-b1610d2651ac_zps5c72151b.jpg

This is my most recent yarn, more coils and twists.
  photo 85471d9a-8774-4757-9cb2-b2f60da769d6_zpse31f0414.jpg

  photo e3e0ba4c-0ef7-4e51-a048-1df76ada97f7_zpse079e22b.jpg

Linking up at Fiber Arts Friday.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We Had a Flood (and other fun stuff)

Hey look!
 photo 8ac12a7c-acb7-4c01-9f7c-6aee628ce054_zps0e4d8bc4.jpg

We have a river in our back yard!
 photo a6cb706d-408e-43b3-a0cc-ff176463797b_zpsaa669e46.jpg

And a lake! 
 photo ac89d624-3b69-4486-bf1c-9dd518f65774_zps7ad773e3.jpg
Last time this happened, I was pregnant and Jeremiah was at work and the basement flooded and I had to clean it up with a wet vac, which hurt my whole large aching body, and there were tornadoes too, so the kids were trying to sleep down there in the flooded basement.  This flood brought all those memories back.  And I was not enjoying that.  But this time Jeremiah was there to clean it up.  So it wasn't very bad at all.  For me.

And the sun came out. 
 photo e3df9a89-d896-456e-8164-276b524972e1_zps6f0522b2.jpg

The bugs came out.
 photo 87256c66-2da0-496e-9feb-d64b34a76d83_zps5ba4940d.jpg

Even the boys came out.
 photo 2d8f0b52-e8e0-4aa9-8a6a-279424794bcd_zpsd928b939.jpg

My parents came over and my mom and I spun together. 
My mom's spinning:
 photo 1a8a3eb3-61b8-44fb-82cc-ac99fa154fa8_zps53266043.jpg

My spinning:
 photo f42695c8-a900-463e-a09c-e7245c9ecd14_zps0e3e758e.jpg

 photo 993d7545-b137-43fb-924d-47066806f940_zps16b27e66.jpg

The unbelievably awesome shawl my mom knit out of her handspun yarn and then gave to me!
 photo 73922049-cf73-4860-8895-3ea7d83fae15_zps3a83722d.jpg

 photo fb2db570-71be-4ebb-8a31-395087bf1a70_zps74c113c9.jpg

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy 11, Miah!

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My sweet, sweet big girl!  She wanted a two layer chocolate cake  with a marshmallowy frosting.  I made white mountain frosting from the Betty Crocker cookbook.  That was my frosting of choice as a kid.  She liked it.  And there was a horse on top.  She's had a crush on horses for probably the last three years.

 photo 957ee3c0-0316-4616-af77-0102032d087b_zps3f6a31b5.jpg
Birthdays are so fun to share with friends!

 photo 398dec93-b0c4-433a-806c-233d78c0bf19_zps0ea2a31e.jpg
Summer birthdays mean water fun!

 photo b8869016-8e26-4988-ac8f-fe6b2dc864d9_zps3f081c3f.jpg

 photo f5ad3c24-2352-4611-8ec3-1398e3bcae9e_zps0943cbda.jpg
I finally learned how to make a fishtail braid.  An 11th birthday was the perfect occasion to learn.

 photo 5af030d5-4f7f-4e9d-9d83-148b49b33de7_zps2a443238.jpg
Little bitty sweetness had a good time watching.

 photo 5b0ce108-e7ec-4bd6-be02-426ca57f2f73_zpsf1894e39.jpg

 photo 669f279d-cd30-45bd-b83d-7b29df225a1d_zps06cdc25d.jpg
Throw a boy in the mix . . .

 photo 4b0c947d-945c-46e4-bf77-e12bc07c954d_zpsd56aa40a.jpg

 photo 73dda8b4-fcc6-4f40-b71d-17625496db6b_zps6e555107.jpg

 photo afa0af1f-94ea-44e5-9852-2211a8a57853_zps335987fb.jpg
Such great memories!

 photo 175a9de2-eb4b-413a-8595-5f758310d767_zps9a673c41.jpg

Three friends stayed for a sleepover.  Fun times!
 photo fb6b071f-140a-4cab-a604-42e8f3c0f05a_zpsd8fc8eed.jpg