Thursday, May 23, 2013

Varieties of Fluff

Indoor fort fun.
 photo f0f2b652-73c9-4894-93eb-71184da2341c_zpsfcc341c1.jpg

Beautiful fluffy baby.
 photo be3a48b1-7424-4ec4-b652-52c5de179867_zpsc99a9449.jpg

Weeding the garden.
 photo 7977b7b5-1634-4936-8b03-ee3f0445a9b6_zpse2c803e6.jpg

My newest bunny!  ....kidding.  This is a fluffy baby alpaca batt.
 photo b146a2ac-e773-484e-ac11-c9a3aadb8ba2_zpsed49e4c8.jpg

Zahana tried.
 photo 1980f2ac-7d8a-4d80-a63c-7d891f51d9e0_zpsc5cb11e7.jpg

This is the yarn I made out of it.  Spun thick-and-thin with blue merino cocoons and Navajo-plied.
 photo d0d0b8b6-a11f-4e71-a045-a5b7613286ca_zps67883c48.jpg

Currently on the wheel.  This is what I was spinning at the festival.
  photo 8c30cf19-53bc-4980-9af5-e162a988be15_zps2bd9ac41.jpg

Severely overspun alpaca and bfl for another shaggy yarn.
  photo 9e4b4e7c-e405-4970-ba3f-95ec6127c733_zps8dc762f8.jpg

I decided to go ahead and clip Aya since she was losing so much fur when I brushed her. This picture shows the banding on her fur.  It is super dense.
  photo 357c03ef-f5b9-4513-bd5a-a2f4b41ad5db_zps562094d0.jpg
Poor silly-looking bunny!
  photo 1a028721-5218-47c5-8d7e-d45df50062b6_zps2b281380.jpg

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