Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Upcoming Festival

This weekend, I will be selling at my very first fiber festival!! It is the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival in Lexington, KY. I'm praying for beautiful weather since I will have an outside booth. I have not added any new yarns to my etsy shop for about a month, but I have been spinning.  For my birthday, my parents bought me a pound of the lovely wooly crumbs that I love, and it is all spun up now.
I separated out the blues and added some white locks and other goodies on my drum carder, then spun this into a single with curlies. (I also separated out the neutral colors and carded them together but haven't spun it yet.  Kind of forgot about it.)
 photo 846dc256-8891-4f4b-acf9-a52380c2d67f_zpsa46af495.jpg

 photo dab894c5-25f4-42ba-a307-9a8b89bb5203_zpsffc57f18.jpg

 photo 38355d41-638c-4c70-ac48-b262808f14c3_zps288ab213.jpg

A regular 2-ply with random color selection.
 photo fa91fe18-3168-49be-983b-70e9c97ee0fa_zps09ade23b.jpg

Navajo-ply with what was left. 
 photo 800e1558-9dd8-4da3-a5f9-549cfb28a785_zps6322b22c.jpg

This is a a batt made of alpaca and merino that I dyed and some silk noil thrown in for texture.
  photo aece5b5f-d4dc-43fa-9194-0ca5a0ec9658_zpsd491db84.jpg

Spun into a single - seriously overspun. 
 photo 6dd37920-c227-4051-803c-b549e81711a6_zpsd4887c20.jpg

I took that kinky single and coiled it in twisted handfuls onto a thread.  I'm really not sure if I'm going to sell this one.  I'd like to wear it myself.
 photo 859d6808-51f8-4e69-9225-6705473676e9_zpsd548a6ad.jpg

 photo e856367a-be53-4bbd-9b3e-f157c7de9622_zps5bf00030.jpg

 photo 9ad25c8b-62bc-46e2-aeae-32072f913360_zps772a38e5.jpg

 photo 951105a4-06d6-46f8-8ff6-5f26358a5d83_zpsf8fa2dab.jpg

I won this sweet sampler set by Heavenly Fiber on the Phat Fiber blog.  There was a luscious mini art batt, a gloriously soft fiber braid, scrumptious sock yarn, and a bit of yummy hand made soap.  So fun!
 photo bd2efb16-6616-45ab-959d-7de3cc91ae6c_zps4f9ed570.jpg

I have been wanting to try a cabled yarn (2 two-ply yarns plied together for a chain look) for a while and decided that's how I would use the braid and batt.  Miah used the yarn for friendship bracelets.
 photo 356a02ae-1959-4831-a623-421235b5bf25_zps3424ff47.jpg

I was surprised by how purple the single from the batt ended up being.  I spun as thinly as I could since I just had a small amount of each fiber, so the colors really blended together when I plied them.  In hind sight, this was probably not the ideal technique to use on such a little bit of fiber, but it did turn out nice.  Something like corespinning would have shown off the batt better.  And next time I try cabling, I'll use colors that are more distinct.
  photo da0da0bc-5c08-4617-97b9-683fd3c09221_zps17007b38.jpg

  photo 9eaaa3ef-881c-49f6-9315-80e177ec208d_zpsba364c7e.jpg

I ordered business cards.  I had been making them by hand, but I figured I would need more than I could make for the festival.
 photo dbd21483-685e-4a8e-a833-58472e96de77_zps94cb1c76.jpg
 So if you are anywhere near Lexington, KY this weekend, come and see me. I'd love to meet you!


  1. Oh wow. I hadn't heard of cabled yarn before. Now that I've looked into it - wow! Lots of work!

    I'm so excited for you! I hope the festival goes well. (:

  2. Yeah! I am so excited for you that you get to go! I hope you have a great time and sell out of everything!

  3. Your yarns are beautiful! I hope your sales went great at your show. I know here in Michigan the weather is stunning! Looking forward to seeing your Etsy Shop updates...I'm not sure if I've favorited it. I better remedy that right now ;-)