Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Around Here

Zahana and Rohan have learned about Canada (maple candy!), Oman, Lebanon, and Turkey. Zahana comes to me at random times during the week to inform me which country she would like to know about next.
Here they are painting a new playsilk purple like the Phoenicians of ancient Lebanon.
 photo f0652c36-558c-4ea5-abe0-ce94e10091f4_zps111412be.jpg

Flat bread and garlic dip.
 photo 04abf482-e782-4bfa-9c3b-fd9bc5202997_zps77eb5f04.jpg

Picking rose petals to make rose water for Turkish Delight.
  photo cbcd2506-d369-47f5-a330-908e8fc5c150_zps7f62b0b8.jpg

  photo 1e894454-d1a4-44dd-9ce8-3aadd5bac6aa_zps78606a7a.jpg

Turkish Delight enjoyed with Turkish coffee.
  photo 35ee3228-3217-4a69-83a9-bf4f7ba24156_zps8b64fe83.jpg
Sometimes it is easy to find good books for the country we are learning about.  Other times there's not much at all.  We found two good books at the library for Turkey: Nabeel's New Pants and The Hungry Coat.  I also really enjoyed The Balloon Tree recently, though it had nothing to do with geography.
  photo d54549c0-6798-47fd-a7f9-183a3abb4c01_zpsa217855e.jpg

 photo d117cccd-f9e7-4a46-8828-00bed1e5a8e4_zps725068ca.jpg

We had an unfortunate happening with Elowen's little gerbil, Dash, which resulted in tears and a new gerbil.  Here he is: Silver.
  photo 427a7521-861d-49ff-a3f2-2be616c15484_zps7a5e4c35.jpg
American heritage Girls and Cub Scouts are both over for the year.
 photo 2d153827-0b6e-4c3b-8916-805679edd4fb_zpsad3c611f.jpg

 photo 0557af63-d78c-4194-a3d5-e7639ab2cfcf_zpsb4c29d4e.jpg

Lots of baseball going on.
  photo 242375f1-6578-4f7f-8572-24514d74c90f_zps88839c58.jpg
Rohan learned to ride his bike with no training wheels this week, and Zahana learned to tie her shoes.
  photo c30cd174-0b0c-499e-97b1-e191ca8e9d77_zps96405e08.jpg
Zahana also learned a couple stunts on her bike!
 photo 86ffb745-982d-41a7-b9c7-07c9ee26c218_zps3f70e74b.jpg

These are my sweet Mother's Day gifts from the kids.
  photo 9c1bede1-171a-48d9-823a-f769d6a62727_zps21896716.jpg

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