Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Little Visit

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Varieties of Fluff

Indoor fort fun.
 photo f0f2b652-73c9-4894-93eb-71184da2341c_zpsfcc341c1.jpg

Beautiful fluffy baby.
 photo be3a48b1-7424-4ec4-b652-52c5de179867_zpsc99a9449.jpg

Weeding the garden.
 photo 7977b7b5-1634-4936-8b03-ee3f0445a9b6_zpse2c803e6.jpg

My newest bunny!  ....kidding.  This is a fluffy baby alpaca batt.
 photo b146a2ac-e773-484e-ac11-c9a3aadb8ba2_zpsed49e4c8.jpg

Zahana tried.
 photo 1980f2ac-7d8a-4d80-a63c-7d891f51d9e0_zpsc5cb11e7.jpg

This is the yarn I made out of it.  Spun thick-and-thin with blue merino cocoons and Navajo-plied.
 photo d0d0b8b6-a11f-4e71-a045-a5b7613286ca_zps67883c48.jpg

Currently on the wheel.  This is what I was spinning at the festival.
  photo 8c30cf19-53bc-4980-9af5-e162a988be15_zps2bd9ac41.jpg

Severely overspun alpaca and bfl for another shaggy yarn.
  photo 9e4b4e7c-e405-4970-ba3f-95ec6127c733_zps8dc762f8.jpg

I decided to go ahead and clip Aya since she was losing so much fur when I brushed her. This picture shows the banding on her fur.  It is super dense.
  photo 357c03ef-f5b9-4513-bd5a-a2f4b41ad5db_zps562094d0.jpg
Poor silly-looking bunny!
  photo 1a028721-5218-47c5-8d7e-d45df50062b6_zps2b281380.jpg

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Bunnies

Meet Anatolia. She was my birthday present. She is a broken sable French angora from Bama Angoras.  She's my fiesty one.
 photo f6adc1d1-c1ec-4a50-b635-025a370d16f9_zps3d12dc11.jpg

 photo bcdd7ef3-8c71-43dd-b522-8951481e44c3_zps0b5ddcd9.jpg

 photo b5de4eca-b61c-4ed9-ab3b-011cf9058033_zps3774702b.jpg

 photo 63aebb08-46d4-4ce0-99f9-3aa77f62633f_zpsd6ec6b81.jpg

 photo b6428b0a-1f98-4c9f-bf3a-af18b73a8528_zps70a24b10.jpg

Here's a picture of Ana before I clipped her in case you missed it.
 photo 240c5490-ec93-4283-8571-87896c797b90_zps65eb2fc2.jpg

This is Ayasofya, a black English/French from Booger Holler Hairballs.
 photo 85c51925-5d13-4cb3-857c-7ec027da58e8_zps2f3b2089.jpg

 photo 59a355af-8244-45c8-af3e-352a6a5c74ba_zpsc2fffae4.jpg

Aya is only a couple months old and very sweet.
 photo 4e6dc0c1-7e5f-4f14-a474-9ac17e31e865_zps3e24a777.jpg

And I picked this big guy up in Lexington.  He's probably a French/English cross, and his name is Apricot.  He's a very friendly, sweet bunny.  I love the fawn color.
 photo f4dcb4f8-cd3a-4fbb-92b4-3e02a2791029_zps00ef1d24.jpg

 photo 53a91c00-352e-476a-a346-7b663aa7d45c_zps82da21c5.jpg

 photo 8411df11-9c5b-47ed-bbdf-bf3b3d5bd9a8_zpsb368a51a.jpg

 photo f9d78351-9d4c-412d-b417-1cf8681c0542_zps57f67494.jpg

He's feeling quite frisky since his haircut.  He had some big mats that probably didn't feel so nice.  He looks pretty silly though.
 photo 202aa325-74a7-4e3d-bbc8-4cdcddc58d19_zpsd665bb33.jpg

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival

This was my booth at the festival. The first day, it kept sprinkling off and on so I had to have the tent sides and everything shoved in the back where it wouldn't get wet.  On Sunday, though, the weather was beautiful, and I was able to have a more inviting setup.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the other vendors and the sheep and alpacas, but I didn't.  I mostly stayed at my booth.  The kids had a great time running the grounds, bottle feeding the lambs, and buying honey sticks.  I had so much help! I could not have done this festival without all the family there to help me.  It was also fun and relaxing for me.  I enjoyed it very much and look forward to next year's festival. 
  photo 3f321341-9888-44ad-ac67-3ae42602454a_zpsaadf8129.jpg

 photo 4f4a528a-8f4f-4982-8165-2d66115a1915_zpsab9993bb.jpg

Miah's table.  She did really great, sold some of her bracelets, a skein of the yarn she dyed, and lots of the wooden buttons she and Jeremiah made together.
 photo 27542fad-42a6-42f5-800a-28543df32d10_zps6f2eb52f.jpg

I sold eight of my yarns plus someone put in an order for another.  Considering that my etsy sales for the last 4 months was 11, I'd call that a success.  I enjoyed getting to talk to other fiber people, admiring their handiwork, and getting advice and encouragement.  At the tail end of the festival, I finally went shopping, which was perfect, because people were ready to rid of stuff.  I got some great deals, and brought home all this:
 photo c9a9e4ed-3620-48a4-aa49-aec9344f6ca5_zpsefe0593b.jpg
Yay!  I told myself I would not buy dyed fiber, because I want to learn to dye and it's cheaper that way.  But some of this stuff was so cheap, I couldn't pass it up!
2 pounds of undyed merino top from Ohio Valley
 photo f32fb25e-039d-4b33-b616-ad8098bdbccd_zps69b750ba.jpg

1 pound of border leicester locks
 photo 91f32e35-5db9-461a-8d8a-3ea7d3aa339b_zps1c591a93.jpg

Gorgeous dyed suri locks from River Hill Ranch
 photo ebcc9968-405f-47d3-9e1c-7e4fe05b65fe_zps2d156fc7.jpg

All the rest is from Moonwood Farm.  Angelina and silk noil, a present from my sister.
 photo 16182f8f-3e59-44ba-9543-d6a1527c22a6_zpsdcb7a939.jpg

A beautiful, blue bamboo braid, a gift from Miah.
 photo a7ea01c2-34d1-4dfd-86eb-936dc2e5b64a_zpsa3215445.jpg

More dyed suri locks.
 photo 8e853902-9fe8-4bd5-a661-3d1e63d8762c_zps717122b3.jpg

Fluff and sparkle from the bargain bin.
 photo 8408502f-716c-42d9-ab13-877559ee7ae3_zps8ff7c43c.jpg

Dyed cotswold fleece.
 photo 35a7cf81-ae4d-46a7-bdff-3d68829a3202_zps5c9ef962.jpg
 I can't wait to start spinning!

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Praise God for Kip, Again!

 photo 49d97ddf-cd31-4b96-92c5-774856061542_zps94f0dfdb.jpg
Sweet little Kip gave us a great big scare yesterday.  My sister and I were sitting at my booth at the fiber festival, and he started choking.  And he wouldn't stop.  We had to yell for help, and lots of people rushed over.  Alvina from River Hill Ranch will always hold a special place in my heart for saving my nephew's life.  We never did see what he was choking on, but we suspect angora fiber or maybe grass.  He was rashy afterward, so it may have been more of an allergic reaction to something.
Looking back on the incident, I see that God's provision in protecting Kip was perfect. I was in the tent with my sister when it happened.  I kept leaving her to look around, and Kip was facing out in his carrier so my sister couldn't see his face, so this was significant.  There were so many helpful people around us, one of whom turned out to be his own NICU nurse.  We didn't know she was there until she came over right after he started breathing again.  And my mom showed up just a few minutes later, which was a huge comfort as my sister and I were both pretty shaken up.
It's terrifying moments like this that make you realize just how fragile life is, how suddenly it can be over, and how we really and truly can do nothing to sustain our own lives or the precious lives of the ones we love.  God is so, so good, showing His mercy and power in our weakest moments, giving life and sustaining it.  We are praising God for Kip again.
"Indeed these are the mere edges of His ways,
And how small a whisper we hear of Him!
But the thunder of His power who can understand?”
~Job 26:14

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Enjoying Spring

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 photo c91b32b0-c5a3-45d8-bf26-0da3a6b5faef_zps51474687.jpg

 photo 9b3ec7e4-b073-46b4-aee3-992992184854_zps88bb35e9.jpg

 photo ec17abeb-8882-438a-a0a1-916fca51965b_zps28448f68.jpg

 photo ed6e4c8e-54dd-467d-a61f-95050ee35219_zps3876984e.jpg

 photo 8e78d832-826b-4a11-869b-125ff6e76aa7_zps5da478d8.jpg

 photo 34260b2e-ca1f-481e-a574-c4db1aa4a030_zps22c077d5.jpg

 photo 75ad842b-a8d7-41c5-8c2c-b447cc8245b0_zpsfdf26ae4.jpg

 photo 2ad7e447-8666-4e09-9414-a2ad5876f714_zpsb147803e.jpg

 photo 8ecbaf01-e621-4661-8487-743eefdbd782_zps4d8481cb.jpg

 photo b11f78e2-f45a-47de-8ee0-b3e347f8146a_zps618923d8.jpg