Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sick Days

The kids were down and out for nearly two weeks with walking pneumonia. We passed the time with lots of science and history documentaries from Netflix.
 photo 044cd17e-61ff-4962-941d-85e04d548f0e_zps7ab73520.jpg

Elowen passed the time by doing lots of sleeping.
 photo c3391ad1-29b7-4913-ad3b-175d5c246143_zpsea4b74d1.jpg

Miah ended up taking a trip to Children's hospital.
 photo 2ffb3757-abd8-4869-bbeb-3c0716c7f567_zpsd7b8df1f.jpg

Trying to get a little fresh air and sunshine and enjoy the spring flowers.
 photo 100f05b9-7478-4536-8698-508a704c97bd_zps7f3c3e63.jpg

 photo 9ebccac0-83e8-470a-9de1-03a67eb283ca_zps89113fca.jpg

 photo db3f5150-a34c-46bb-aab2-23e857f5f59c_zps3a066b70.jpg

  photo mar2013011_zpsa6b5ba1e.jpg 
  photo mar2013012_zpse750d841.jpg photo mar2013030_zps6b9907b1.jpg
 photo mar2013041_zps71cea56e.jpg photo mar2013009_zps58b8594f.jpg

Reading and recovering.
 photo 7b039d9a-eb0f-4a39-a8fa-89a8810c4c48_zps05c2ccaf.jpg

  photo ff1c4250-6e3c-4bc0-9837-53e1f6fdb1b2_zpseeefd4be.jpg

 photo 8eb73dee-3f4c-4b29-acea-4a9c1646bd70_zps6d545cf2.jpg

  photo 7be28f68-6a95-4fd8-aad2-a5491756ac53_zpsd4aa6fcb.jpg
A visit from Grandpa and Grandma helped perk everybody up, and gladly, we're back in the swing of things this week.
 photo 0fe8bc58-a4f4-4b00-a413-01c627960a79_zps7f76cd62.jpg

 photo b04cda2e-5e5a-4907-ab71-02b652a18660_zps5dddba62.jpg
  photo 166aa2e4-bb22-4efd-b95e-5962ca740700_zpsfa859f36.jpg


  1. Poor babies! All of them. I'm glad everyone seems to be doing better. (I love the picture of Elowen leaned over asleep on your lap!)

  2. I didn't know you guys were so sick! Glad you are on the upswing. Miah can do amazing things with an Etch a Sketch...I trace the borders. :)

  3. I'm so sorry to hear everyone was sick. Glad to hear health is returning! Your spring flowers are pretty. So encouraging to know spring is on its way. We still have winter weather here but we love seeing your pictures and all of you. Glad mom and dad were able to make it down. Hugs!

  4. oh my goodness! hope yall feel better soon.

  5. Yowza, you guys were down for the count! I always love seeing pics of the grandparents on your blog :)