Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Yarn

 photo beb50131-18b0-4cef-8ed7-df5318c7e1e6_zpsd0c5e26a.jpg
I had some hand dyed texel/lleyn fleece that I bought a while back.  The colors are beautiful but the texture was less than fabulous, so I spun it up fairly thin and coiled most of it around 22 or 28 gauge copper wire.  I tried coiling around 32 gauge, but the wire was so thin that it broke pretty quickly.  So I tried just plying the single and the wire like a regular 2-ply.  I thought it turned out pretty neat looking.

This sparkly purpley skein was made from merino that I kettle dyed then carded up with sari silk and firestar.  It reminds me of the purple crocuses in our yard.
 photo ec738a3d-cb0f-4095-8e63-e45fc6465da0_zps327e966b.jpg

This is the cormo I bought at the alpaca show.  I loved the texture and color and didn't want to lose the general appearance of the pretty, fluffy fleece, so I spun it into a gentle single with puffs and crimpy bits still showing.
 photo bcc2d2c5-76f6-4fe7-aa4d-d201c05991e0_zpsf16266e1.jpg

 photo 06f48457-712c-459f-b268-635340e58ba1_zps956438dd.jpg

 photo 765e9deb-8624-4eee-b353-5b15ec0f7b01_zps0887a088.jpg

 photo c6544fa4-bcc8-4e4c-9649-ec02b33a6572_zps7c2d30e8.jpg

Our new chicks inspired me to make this fluffy spring skein.  I used undyed merino roving and kettle dyed alpaca fleece.
 photo b69ccd70-10b2-4bfc-b2ef-b9af70c28d48_zps016a70b2.jpg

 photo f046d481-c4c1-4994-9056-4d47b10de90c_zps73da8ff9.jpg

 photo 2c45c0e6-96a6-4656-ad09-a3d5c1347d83_zpsb7fd93aa.jpg

I made this tiny, sweet skein for my mother-in-law when she was here. I think it's so fun to get out all my fibers and make something with someone else.
 photo 7b184fac-8b6e-4620-9143-b67c3be980f9_zps793fd2bc.jpg

 photo fdfd4e3c-19eb-4cf0-8404-fdbae7c6b19e_zps46c88c81.jpg
 And this last one was another spring-inspired one.  More kettle dyed merino and alpaca with firestar and wool thread.  I love carding up fun batts to spin.  I usually do that part at night after the kids are in bed, so I don't get pictures of the batts unfortunately.
  photo 5c3cf9af-d451-4a2d-88f3-c9292771c961_zps78215555.jpg


  1. So much fibery goodness! You've been very busy. I still haven't even gotten my wheel out yet. I need to. I should just carve out time and do it. Your lovely yarns are always such an inspiration.

  2. I love all of it! The picture of the chick is wonderful!

  3. I love your yarns, beautiful colours and interesting texture. I've never thought of plying yarn with copper wire!

  4. All very pretty and colorful. But the smile on that little one outshines them all!

  5. My, my, my look at all that finished yarn. Love how you spun them all differently and such a wide range of colors.....stunning!

  6. What a nice blog and your pictures are well done! All of your yarn looks beautiful and I especially like the purple sparkly one.

  7. All those colours are just sumptuous.

  8. All of your yarns are lovely and super colorful. Now will you knit with the yarn, gift it or sell it?

  9. I sell most of my yarn in my etsy shop (see lefthand sidebar.) occasionally I make a skein as a gift. I've tried a little knitting and crocheting but I really just love to spin, so that's pretty much what I do.