Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Chicks

We ordered chicks with a friend, and she brought them over a couple days ago.  photo 446ac4d4-b230-4de5-adad-3096082f95cb_zps14f5ef1f.jpg

This was a new experience for Elowen.  She had a distressed look on her face and kept grunting and pointing.  She was really interested in them and even crawled for them!
 photo f9ba533b-0df5-4be9-89c1-b309d8e9a38c_zpsd5dfbaca.jpg

 photo 845147e4-ecd1-4dd7-b91c-bb2dbcaf6409_zps97b72abe.jpg

 photo 970a7a65-d8d9-42fc-9866-78c970317e80_zps3fa870a5.jpg

 photo 59ee553c-c514-4da7-9266-ef07f0547b11_zpsd87202e6.jpg

Miah chose a light brahma and named it Fluffy.
 photo 679a2886-b632-4564-a8fb-617707eeed5e_zps5474274d.jpg

Rohan's is a rose-comb brown leghorn named Chocolate Chip Cookies.
 photo 79060bfc-e94a-4381-a525-baec2cdb3294_zps7efa03ff.jpg

Elowen picked out a Blue Andalusian and named her Lavender.  Good choice, huh?
She was acting so funny with them.
 photo fca06489-db59-448f-935f-f664637afa76_zps8ff8da73.jpg

 photo 3c45b215-f61b-4033-8796-51a60a243065_zpscc096854.jpg

Zahana's pearl-white leghorn named Snow White.
 photo 314ebbae-f3f6-40d8-802b-47ab9d4e550e_zpsa7953da5.jpg

Larkin and his black star named Coal.
 photo 2164cfa5-6686-4f4f-b1e5-4a305dd4bae6_zps2e6e5f0f.jpg


  1. I totally want to get chicks now! Looks like so much fun! I know my little girls would love this!

  2. This makes me SO EXCITED. We are going to try chickens this year too. We asked Ivar what we should name a chicken and he said, "Eggs!" Look for Eggs on the blog in a month of so...

    I love the names your kids chose (chocolate chip cookies! brilliant!), and I love Elowen's interest and nervousness. Adorable.

    And I love that Zahana wears her gymnastics outfit so often. My mom says I lived in my swimming suit for many winters growing up. It was my outfit of choice. So every picture of Zahana in her purple leotard makes me smile.

    Joyfully, Becca

  3. Yes, Zahana wears a leotard almost every day. She has several hand-me-down ones, but the purple is her favorite.
    I'm looking forward to seeing Ivar and Elsie with Eggs!

  4. Exactly the thing to be doing in spring! We only have room for 4 chickens and we lost one this winter. I don't know if we will replace it with a chick or go for the full grown. My kids are older and although I know they would still enjoy the process... full grown would sure be easier. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. those blue andalusians are neat!