Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Spring!

 photo 47fdfae5-5b66-4cf8-933c-ac19d3096014_zps37c8e17d.jpg

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The first day of spring is an eagerly awaited holiday around here.  This year, we put away the winter books and set out the spring books.  We took the paper snowflakes out of the windows and made these cheery tissue paper flower garlands to take their place.  Then the kids went out to play in the (cold) sun.

In other craftiness, I dyed this roving using Wool Wench's bag method.  It was very exciting, and I can't wait to try some more.  I also learned how to make the roving in to a nice chain from this tutorial.
 photo 01482e2d-0d77-4506-bc22-b0482c3c40fd_zps7f50c03a.jpg

 photo e4b5b741-aa66-4b0e-b7c7-541267882d16_zpsa698b5d2.jpg

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