Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Yesterday was such a pretty day. The kids dyed eggs with food coloring and paper towels soaked in vinegar.  I dyed a few with purple cabbage.
 photo bb5f20fb-9bbb-4997-b189-a04bdd214826_zps8c884542.jpg

 photo 220aabb3-2a90-4f0d-9ea5-acfae224ae99_zpsbd4bb0dc.jpg

 photo a9b29fae-ef77-4504-90f5-e3158640b92d_zpseea6347a.jpg

Easter baskets for the kids.
 photo 19ef1a8c-e857-4c58-9899-4989ab395e01_zps02c13bf1.jpg

 photo 031ee175-621d-4401-ab0f-16f91abbdfc3_zpsb5ee92b2.jpg

 photo 3249bfc2-0f1b-403f-beef-20f2bdbe674a_zps52d32752.jpg

 photo f1199e12-ae8c-4aa5-96b2-b7b626fbf2d4_zpsb03fefed.jpg

An Easter egg hunt in the yard.
 photo 959c8c3e-bb37-4889-b831-b301567f99ca_zpsa311e907.jpg

 photo 88d9ae4a-0a5a-4895-8fb6-10d6a598d3e5_zps15c969b6.jpg

 photo 91535929-5cb1-492e-b62c-43e72b5731c0_zps80a73f94.jpg

Enjoying the sunshine.
 photo 4659b2c5-2cb6-44fc-838f-29291c028279_zps06583eac.jpg

 photo cc4c768a-6455-4d1b-b5ac-b7bf20b36283_zps16cb5719.jpg

 photo 21bda36f-672f-46f9-95c5-a9a78bd70b27_zpsaed76912.jpg

Attempting to get a decent picture of all 5 together.
 photo 9455461d-d118-47d5-99be-f1030dcddedf_zps46fdfaf2.jpg

 photo c80fbafe-e95d-4556-964e-c29e1a07d714_zpsa95d1f77.jpg

 photo 74ba9dd6-511b-45ae-86b5-c041ba653dc7_zpsf1fa32a5.jpg

 photo 82558c34-42b7-4c2c-a083-572d93cc66aa_zps1509203f.jpg

 photo 34811025-3fef-4328-9254-d62f0d21ded1_zps0243cc54.jpg

 photo 05db8602-0a7a-418f-8a61-f51f76c5fba5_zps1a42b6f7.jpg

 photo 2844847b-72b8-4519-8ae4-b90431168f99_zps3fe7add1.jpg
"Christ the Lord is risen today. Hallelujah!"


  1. Happy you and all yours! :)

  2. Sarah,
    We just got chicks! We got six chicks and they are adorable, hanging out under the heat lamp in the downstairs bathroom. But now we're looking into coops...any suggestions?

    And, your blog is lovely. Fresh and springy! And the pictures of your kids are adorable. They are growing so big!
    Happy Easter. Christ is Risen!

  3. That last photo is so precious!!! :) xx

  4. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family. I am a longtime reader but never think to leave comments and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog and what wonderful ideas you inspire for homeschooling and spending quality time together as a family. Thank you so much for that and God bless you all! x