Monday, March 4, 2013

Destination Imagination

Miah and Larkin have been practicing with a team for Destination Imagination. Their competition was Saturday. They had a skit prepared for the Wind Visible Challenge, and they also had an Instant Challenge that has to remain a secret.
 photo mar2013002_zps0c577ed7.jpg

The kids had to do everything themselves, from coming up with ideas to making props.  Their skit was about a farm, powered by wind energy, which lost electricity during a tornado.
 photo mar2013005_zpsfd048894.jpg

Waiting in between challenges.
 photo mar2013009_zps189b9ac2.jpg
  photo mar2013006_zps1aca560a.jpg photo mar2013008_zpse157984b.jpg photo mar2013013_zps74271561.jpg 

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