Thursday, March 7, 2013

Alpaca Show

We went to an alpaca show on Sunday after church.  There were lots of beautiful animals.
 photo mar2013018_zpse686facd.jpg
  photo mar2013019_zps5154cf7d.jpg  photo mar2013020_zps990ddcbd.jpg
  photo mar2013021_zps9078c87d.jpg
  photo mar2013023_zpsd4a9fcd7.jpg
  photo mar2013026_zps536fe104.jpg
  photo mar2013027_zps7b4c4343.jpg
  photo mar2013030_zps36be0294.jpg
  photo mar2013033_zps3abbe51a.jpg
 My fiber purchase: cormo, which I've been wanting to try, and firestar.
  photo mar2013036_zpsafdf442f.jpg


  1. So much alpaca love! I really hope to own a few some day. (:

  2. The first picture looks like all of the alpacas I've seen before... Do you know what type the others are, the ones with the silky hanging hair? They are beautiful!

  3. The first one is huacaya. The others are suri. Aren't they beautiful!