Tuesday, February 5, 2013

These Days

 photo feb2013001_zpsb7384161.jpg
Zahana had a princess birthday party to attend.
And then it snowed.  Great big beautiful flakes.
 photo feb2013005_zps6e77f3ae.jpg

Making clay beads.
 photo feb2013008_zps2f4a230c.jpg

 photo feb2013009_zps3f44fb51.jpg

 photo feb2013012_zpseeba5032.jpg

Rohan always wants to light the candles.
 photo feb2013013_zps0e2fab86.jpg

He's also really been into birds lately.
 photo feb2013015_zps68c71103.jpg

 photo feb2013018_zps9dabb1fa.jpg

 photo feb2013020_zps6653858c.jpg

And all the kids are having fun with photography. 
 photo feb2013023_zps9c3bbe0d.jpg

Giving the baby a ride.
 photo feb2013025_zps96ccabd8.jpg

 photo feb2013026_zps4dd0aaf2.jpg

 photo feb2013031_zps839cf8b1.jpg

Dancing is the perfect indoor exercise.
 photo feb2013028_zps780a7167.jpg

"Rescue me , Mommy!"
 photo feb2013030_zps2d57d182.jpg

Chess.  I beat him!  Sort of.  He told me how.  So, no.  Not really.
 photo feb2013033_zpsdb798b50.jpg


  1. I love this post. :D My kiddos would always push Will around in the laundry basket just like that!
    I LOVE the playsilk Zahana is wearing - may I ask where you bought it? Blessings x

  2. Yes Foster now knows a lot more about chess than I do. Since I know nothing! :) Our squirrels stole 2 of our birdfeeders before our birds could enjoy them!

  3. Saminda, I won it on a blog a couple years ago. I think it was The Magic Onions.