Saturday, February 16, 2013

The AHG Father/Daughter Dance was a masquerade this year.  photo feb2013013_zpsb25ad1cb.jpg

Coils with a wire core.
 photo feb2013024_zps72f727bd.jpg

Future spinner.
 photo feb2013002_zpsc015c2e2.jpg

Sweet sisters.
 photo feb2013002_zps0eeb2268.jpg

Valentine's crafts.
 photo feb2013015_zpse42ad280.jpg

 photo feb2013019_zps73cb733c.jpg

Worm study.
 photo feb2013001_zps8b762fd9.jpg

 photo feb2013009_zps16e0ba5a.jpg

Just playing together.
 photo feb2013009_zps235896c4.jpg

 photo feb2013005_zpse2f53ed5.jpg

 photo feb2013006_zps936e4a4f.jpg

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