Saturday, February 16, 2013

South Africa

We learned about South Africa this week. We started with library books then made flag puzzles with cardstock.
  photo feb2013008_zps489e0d33.jpg

 photo feb2013009_zpsde7446d0.jpg

We played "Lion, Lion, what time is it?" One person is the lion.  The other people say, "Lion, Lion, what time is it?"  The lion answers, "8 o'clock", and then the others ask again.  The lion gives different times until finally, he says, "Lunch time!" and chases everybody.
 photo feb2013011_zps9d21feb7.jpg

We made King Protea flowers out of coffee filters.

 photo feb2013016_zps7e9f7d84.jpg
We also learned a little zulu, and made Aartappel-Poeding.

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