Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Yarn

Some toy dinosaurs for Christmas have sparked an interest in dinosaurs around here. And Zahana has been reading a lot.

I have been spinning a lot.  Too much probably.  I spun four skeins last week.  It's just so hard to stop!
Here are some white batts I made out of alpaca, angora, milk fiber, and cotswold locks.

Another yarn with coils and twists.



And a chunky thick and thin with some tailspinning, Navajo plied.

I decided to leave the remainder of the blue a single.
And one more picture of this yarn with my lovely model.

Linking to Keep Calm Craft On at Frontier Dreams and KCCO Flickr group.


  1. What fun yarns you've made. I love the just plain white....it is timeless.

  2. The pictures on your blog are so nice to look at! The yarn is beautiful, I mean BEAUTIFUL:)

  3. That yarn is so colorful! It's so beautiful it looks great just how it is!

  4. oooh, i love that gorgeous blue yarn, and the model looks great too!

  5. Beautiful yarn. Visiting from Fibre Arts Friday.

  6. I love your wool, wow, wish I could spin :(
    It is so nice to live the dream through others!
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Great yarn! I especially love the blue one.

  8. Love the yarns! I've been working on some textured yarn. It's always fun to be free with spinning.