Saturday, December 1, 2012

Irish Christmas

Zahana and Rohan learned about Ireland this week, and since Christmas is coming up, I incorporated some Irish Christmas traditions into the fun.  A real treat was receiving a package from friends in Ireland.  There was a postcard, old Irish money and new Irish Euros, pine cones, a stamp, and an Irish penny whistle.

They colored maps and flags, as usual, and learned how to say "Merry Christmas!" in Gaelic.

We made some Irish Soda Bread with Raisins and Caraway for the laden table and lit a candle for Mary and Joseph.

We read some library books about Ireland.  My favorite was Flying Feet. Loved that one.

Just like here in America, the Irish like to send Christmas cards, so we made some watercolor snowflake ones.


We listened to Irish music and watched some dancing.

Then did some dancing of our own.


Holly decorations for Christmas apparently originated in Ireland.  We made simple holly wreaths by cutting leaves out of felt and using pony beads for the berries.

We finished up by making our paper people with decorative papers.

Larkin joined us and made a leprechaun.

One other tradition, which I thought was just fabulous, is The Big Clean-Up.  Kind of like our spring cleaning, only in December.  I wasn't able to overhaul the whole house, but we did get the living room and dining area spiffed up.


  1. What a fun week!!! Part of my heritage is Irish...that must be why I feel the need to clean like crazy before Christmas. :)

  2. Oh you have such a pretty family and I just love the fact that you guys are having all sorts of awesome and fun activities, it's so great that you can entertain kids in all different ways. When it comes to Christmas, my favorite song during this period of time is Let It snow, it immediately brings me in the right mood t celebrate it.