Friday, December 7, 2012


Our study of Iceland started with the usual map, flag, and library books.  Then we had some Icelandic Christmas fun.
There is a tradition of 13 elves that make mischief at Christmastime. Larkin thought the names were so funny that he had to write them all down to keep.  There's also a traditional elf greeting.

The kids made elves out of pine cones, twigs, and leaves.

Larkin named his Sausage Snatcher.


And Elpha.

We made rice pudding with an almond hidden inside.  Zahana found the almond in her bowl and made a wish.  She wished for ice cream in a cone.

If you're a good kid in Iceland, you get to leave a shoe in the window.  The elves will come by and leave you a gift.  If you're bad, you have to put a potato in the window instead.  The kids all thought they had been good enough to put a shoe in the window.  In the morning, they each found an ice cream cone wrapped up in their shoe and ice cream in the freezer.

We also watched a video of the northern lights in Iceland and listened to traditional Icelandic music.


  1. Tell Larkin I think the name Pot Licker is the funniest! :)

  2. Wonderful traditions! I love that you gave them the wish Zahana made. :) It's really fun to read your blog entries and to get glimpses of what you are doing. Please tell your kiddos we can't wait to see them at Christmas!

  3. Hey! We (Margaret's Mat and family) were just in Iceland this June! For 2 weeks, it was great. The geology is obviously incredible, too, and they are obsessed with licorice(blech- Simon ate an ice cream cone dipped in it, no idea how he enjoyed it, but he did). Plus I see you noticed the yule lads are something else. We brought back an ornament of one of them.