Saturday, October 13, 2012

Geometry Explorations

We finished up String, Straightedge, and Shadow this week.
Lesson 7
Read p.93-105
Show object appearing over a ball (You can't see it all at once, because it is traveling on a curve.)
Number Shapes - excellent link to some Pythagorean number play

Lesson 8
Read p. 106-114
Play with pattern blocks. Notice # of sides and angles.
Make regular solids.

Lesson 9
Read p. 115-122
Make square and triangular numbers with pattern blocks and dots.
Lesson 10
Read p. 124-138
Make pentagon as on p.137
Play with golden spiral pieces
Investigate Fibonacci number
 Lesson 11

Read p. 139-148
Look at solid wooden shapes (cut cones)
 Lesson 12
Read p. 149-155


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