Monday, October 1, 2012

Circles and Shadows

Lesson 2
Read p. 29-35
Make a sundial with a paper plate and a nail.
Mark the top of the shadow from a selected tree every hour. This one was Rohan's little project.  It was fun to see how spread out the rocks were.
Draw someone's shadow in chalk every hour. (The person should stand in the same place every time.)
The tricky part of these projects is to remember to do them every hour, which we didn't, but we did it enough to get the idea of shadows moving with time.
One other idea I had which we haven't done yet, but I'd still like to:
Drive a nail into a board.  Decide on a spot to put the board.  Mark the shadow at 5:00pm.  Repeat once a month.  Make sure board is always in exactly the same spot and measure at the same time each month.

Lesson 4
Read p 47-57
Look at moon phases marked on calendar.  
Observe moon phases throughout the month.
Draw a large circle with a string and chalk and mark off the degrees.

We ended up marking ours into (roughly) 5 degree increments.  A few of those we divided further into 1 degree increments.  Then we marked various angles with another color chalk.

A red tail hawk examined our work.

Lesson 5
Read p 59-78
Pace off 252 for side of pyramid (1 pace = 3ft)
Simple proportion drawing as on p. 72
Experiment on p. 75:  Find the height of a tree by measuring the tree's shadow, yourself, and your shadow and comparing.

 Lessons 1 and 3 can be found here.

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