Sunday, September 2, 2012

So Much Fiber, So Little Time

I've been wanting to do a scrappy yarn for some time and finally felt like I had enough scraps to give it a try. Here's my fun, cobbled-together mess made with all kinds of different fibers and spinning techniques:

A friend sent me a link to dying yarn with kool-aid. I've never dyed yarn, and this seemed like an easy place to start, basically how I dye silks. It was fun, and I like the results.

I've been spinning up most of my angora that's been sitting around forever. I have one box left. It's for me. I sold the rest, but I can't part with that last box from my gorgeous bunny, Sultan.

To avoid the pinching and scratching that has begun while nursing, I made myself a nursing necklace. Works like a charm. So I made some more for the shop.

My little Sweet Roll was the perfect model.

And my mom taught me to knit pods. I'm so, So, SO excited about making pods. I just love it. This is my first one, and I don't have any in the shop, but I will soon.


  1. I am so very much going to buy one of your nursing necklaces once I'm closer to my due date (if I bought it now the boys would get ahold of it and I'd never see it again!). They're so beautiful!

    And that yarn! Wow! I'm jealous of your ability to let go and be crazy with your spinning.

  2. I love the pod!! It is gorgeous! And seeing your nursing necklaces I just had one of those "duh!" moments...why didn't I think of that? I had seen the idea before, when I didn't have any littles nursing, but now that I could have been using one for the past few months I had totally forgotten about them. I'm sure you'll sell loads of 'em in your shop!

  3. Your kool-aid yarn turned out great!