Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Larkin's Rainforest Project

Larkin has been interested in the rainforest for a few years now. He says he is going to be a scientist in the rainforest. I decided to create a project for him based on that interest. I tried letting him do his own rainforest project several months ago but that quickly fizzled. He just needs some guidance and direction.
He is starting with the book, Adventures in the Rainforest: Discovering Biodiversity, which I found at the library. I read it and wrote out questions to go along with the book. In addition to the science, he is also working on skills such as handwriting, using the dictionary, and internet research.

I wrote out four hands-on projects for him to do that are related to the book. But I really didn't need to. He was begging to make the pitfall trap and pan trap as soon as he read it in the book.

Identifying the insects he caught in his traps.

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