Saturday, August 25, 2012

Larkin and the Tree

As part of his rainforest study, Larkin has a long-term tree project. First, he had to pick out a tree in our yard. I suggested he pick one about his height or smaller. He didn't. He chose this dogwood. Great choice. Especially if you like counting. he he.
So here's what he had to do.
First, identify the chosen tree.
Measure and record the height of the tree, the diameter of the trunk, the length and width of a mature leaf.
Count and record the number of leaves on the tree.
Measure the length and diameter of the largest branch.
Measure and count anything else on the tree you want. Are there any animals on your tree? Any plants growing on it? Look carefully. Record all your observations.
Take a picture of the whole tree, the leaf, any flowers or fruit.
Take a leaf, flower, and seed (if available), press it, then mount it to your page.
Record observations about your tree once a month. Mark on the calendar when you need to make your observations.
The idea is for him to see how the tree changes from month to month. And learn to study something scientifically. And persevere.
He tried to give up. He tried to talk his way out of counting those leaves. But he did it. He came into the house beaming.


  1. Love it, also must say I absolutely love your beautiful and highly inspiring blog that instills a love for learning in the most fun ways! Keep it up, look forward to reading more!