Saturday, August 25, 2012

14 Totally Random Pictures Because I Had to Post SOMETHING!

1. Zahana and Rohan are doing Language Lessons for Little Ones from Queen Homeschool. Zahana is in book 3 and Rohan is doing book 1. So far, so good.
2.Letter writing
3. Helping with laundry
4. Miah makes very tiny instruments out of paper.
5. Elowen watching the ball game.
6. Sweet
7. Precious
8. Algebra
9. Gobblet
10. Dewy morning
11. More algebra
12. New toy for the big kids
13. New toy for the little one
14. Could she get any cuter?


  1. How do you like Hands-On-Equations? I love your photos!

  2. I like it a lot. The kids understand it easily.