Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun at the Creek

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Miah's Art

My beautiful daughter is an artist. She's using Artistic Pursuits to hone her skills. Here, she was practicing shading.

She also enjoys tangling.

And this:

Well, it just blows me away. Who's kid is this, anyway?

Larkin and the Tree

As part of his rainforest study, Larkin has a long-term tree project. First, he had to pick out a tree in our yard. I suggested he pick one about his height or smaller. He didn't. He chose this dogwood. Great choice. Especially if you like counting. he he.
So here's what he had to do.
First, identify the chosen tree.
Measure and record the height of the tree, the diameter of the trunk, the length and width of a mature leaf.
Count and record the number of leaves on the tree.
Measure the length and diameter of the largest branch.
Measure and count anything else on the tree you want. Are there any animals on your tree? Any plants growing on it? Look carefully. Record all your observations.
Take a picture of the whole tree, the leaf, any flowers or fruit.
Take a leaf, flower, and seed (if available), press it, then mount it to your page.
Record observations about your tree once a month. Mark on the calendar when you need to make your observations.
The idea is for him to see how the tree changes from month to month. And learn to study something scientifically. And persevere.
He tried to give up. He tried to talk his way out of counting those leaves. But he did it. He came into the house beaming.


We have some friends from Ghana, so I chose that as our next country to learn about.

We did the usual library books, coloring the flag, coloring the country in on a map, and paper people. This time we used kente cloth paper to dress our people.

Playing Kwaiara Franga.

Watching the fun.

Making Adinkra shirts.

Making bead necklaces.

Playing soccer.

The plan was to fry plantain, but I found these plantain chips at the store and took the easy way out.

We finished up with our world puzzle and Africa puzzle.

14 Totally Random Pictures Because I Had to Post SOMETHING!

1. Zahana and Rohan are doing Language Lessons for Little Ones from Queen Homeschool. Zahana is in book 3 and Rohan is doing book 1. So far, so good.
2.Letter writing
3. Helping with laundry
4. Miah makes very tiny instruments out of paper.
5. Elowen watching the ball game.
6. Sweet
7. Precious
8. Algebra
9. Gobblet
10. Dewy morning
11. More algebra
12. New toy for the big kids
13. New toy for the little one
14. Could she get any cuter?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Larkin's Rainforest Project

Larkin has been interested in the rainforest for a few years now. He says he is going to be a scientist in the rainforest. I decided to create a project for him based on that interest. I tried letting him do his own rainforest project several months ago but that quickly fizzled. He just needs some guidance and direction.
He is starting with the book, Adventures in the Rainforest: Discovering Biodiversity, which I found at the library. I read it and wrote out questions to go along with the book. In addition to the science, he is also working on skills such as handwriting, using the dictionary, and internet research.

I wrote out four hands-on projects for him to do that are related to the book. But I really didn't need to. He was begging to make the pitfall trap and pan trap as soon as he read it in the book.

Identifying the insects he caught in his traps.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Zahana and Rohan are continuing to study geography. This past week, we learned about Algeria.
We started by looking through our Africa continent box and doing a world map floor puzzle. They colored the flag, marked Algeria on a world map, and did a dot-to-dot of the country.

They each made a collage of Algerian animals.

Paper people wearing traditional dress.

Painting poppies.


Making Algerian recipes together.

Dressing up for the meal.

Chicken tagine, potato stew, baked cheese and spinach, and dates.

We learned a few Berber nouns.
And finally, I made a passport for each of them.

Each page has two countries on it. When we learn about the country, they stamp it with their thumbprints.

We finished up by doing our Africa puzzle and pointing out the countries we have learned about so far.