Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Kind of Yarn

I like to browse art yarns on etsy and ravelry for ideas. Last week I saw a type of yarn I hadn't seen before and asked the artist how she made it. She told me it was a secret. Turns out, it's not really. I found a couple more skeins by different artists who told how they made it right in the yarn's description. It's not really new, just a combination of two methods of spinning.
First I filled up my jumbo bobbin with a single.

Then I coiled it around a thread.

Then I Navajo plied it.

About 8 hours of spinning resulted in about 20 1/2 yards.

Like it? It's available here.


  1. oooh, that's lovely and a lot of work for 20.5 yards.

    That's the hardest part about beautiful textured yarns...the time for the small yardage.

  2. Wow that is really gorgeous yarn!I've never seen any woven like that before.
    I really need to learn to knit, or do something more useful with yarn than only make doll wigs.

  3. Rachel, I think making doll wigs is a really useful thing to do with yarn! I don't do anything with yarn. I just make it and sell it. I've been talking to my mom about teaching me to knit. I would love to make the pods for babies that she makes, and I won a cute pig pattern from momma4earth that I'd love to make for Elowen.

  4. It is really striking yarn. It certainly looks like happy hair for dolls! You did a fantastic job creating this beautiful yarn.

  5. That's lovely x
    I love to deconstruct how a yarn was created, it's part of the fun of spinning.