Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Fourth

Elowen turned 3 months yesterday.

Grampa came for a visit. He brought some clothes for Elowen that my sister got at a yard sale for her. Sizes 9 and 12 months and not a bit too big!

He also brought his ice cream maker and we made chocolate and strawberry. Yummo!

Miah helped me finish a skein of green.

Part of our state had a firework ban, but not us, so we had some fun in the evening. I was even able to stay out on the porch with Elowen. She didn't seem to mind the fireworks at all.


  1. What a happy day! Miah is getting so much older looking!!

  2. Okay...artistically, I love the group picture with the sunflowers. How all the kids are looking in one spot except Miah. I just love the contrast. The next one is awesome, too. But I really like that one best!

  3. Beautiful kids and pictures! Elowen is getting so big....maybe one day when we come visit I will get to meet her.