Saturday, March 10, 2012


My brother bought his first house, so we took a quick trip up to Kentucky to see it. My sister-in-law is pregnant with her first and is due about five weeks after me. (I'm 34 weeks.) She's not quite as big as me. Yet.

My brother wanted to show off his growing belly too.

The day before we visited, my sister found out she's pregnant too.

The kids had fun 'rasslin' with Uncle Dallas.

And they got in some shooting practice with Grandpa.

The cousins got out of school early so all the kids would have a chance to play. We enjoyed visiting with everybody.
And now I plan to stay home for a while. No more Kentucky babies for me!


  1. How wonderful to see you pregnant, you look beautiful!

  2. how exciting! all those babies being able to play together :-)

  3. Ditto to Linda's comment. How wonderful to be surrounded by women who are also pregnant. Those will be some large family visits in due time :-)

  4. You look great! I would love to have cousins born so close! Any names picked yet?

  5. Not definitely, but we might be close.

  6. Fun! I have a newly married sister in law near me...she jokes that we should have a baby together. ;) Love seeing this picture of look wonderful! :)

  7. What fun! I had tons of cousins to play with when I was little. I always wished my kids did too... none yet, but still hoping!

    P.S. Tell 'Aunt Becky' I said congratulations!! How exciting!

  8. Your mom must be so excited for all of these grandbabies! Last year it was the year of the weddings and now the year of the babies. So fun. Annika and I were pregnant together with Svea and Ivar and it was sweet to track everything...we still do!