Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cooking With Friends

For Tuesday co-op this week, we cooked up an Egyptian meal together.
Larkin and his buddy made salata arabieh.

Rohan and his friends made ayesh.

And the girls made soup and finjan kirfee.

I made some mint tea to go along with the food and palace bread, which unfortunately I forgot to serve. But my kids enjoyed eating it later.


  1. What an amazing menu! Looks like you all had lots of fun :-)

    I'd love for you to share this post on my linky for baking and cooking with kids ~

    Warmly, Kelly

  2. that sounds like so much fun. and good food too.

  3. No way! We went through a huge Egypt phase around our house after Claire Helen read the Egypt Game a couple months ago. Lots of honey and fava beans- I could eat like that all the time.

    -Cousin Stephanie