Thursday, January 26, 2012


This week, we learned all about Madagascar, the Vanilla Island.

Lots of books, of course.

We shared some of our fun with our Tuesday co-op friends, starting with a video from the library and a snack of banana fritters. Then we watched leaping lemurs and tried some leaping ourselves.
The kids made drawings based on descriptive imagery by Maya Angelou.

Baobabs and the tsingy.

Imagining what's in the egg.

Making landforms with playdough.

Coloring pages of the Madagascar flag and animals.

Madagascar dot-to-dot.

World map and Africa puzzles.

We finished up with a Malagasy meal: varenga with rice, greens and tomato, fruit salad with plenty of vanilla, and burned rice drink.

Additional activities from our Madagascar week:
Reading a map
Videos about aye ayes, the fossa, lemurs, sifakas, more lemurs, plants (at about 2:40)
Pictures of the Malagasy people and money
And just for fun - Song of the Zebu

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