Friday, December 9, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Earlier this week, we went on our annual treasure hunt to Douglas Lake.

Searching, searching . . .

Busting open rocks and geodes.

Showing off her little clam.

Climbing and playing.

Land art.

A few of the day's finds.

The kids love looking for and finding crystals in the dirt. I've tried searching on the internet for other places we could do this, but it seems to be a big secret among rock hounds. So I thought I'd ask you all. Does anybody know of some other great spots to hunt for crystals or cool rocks in the east Tennessee area or even somewhere relatively near I75 going up through TN or KY?


  1. Sarah, We found out about the Douglas Diamond spot through the Knoxville Gem and Mineral Society. We (Logan and I) were members for a few years, back when we first moved to this area. The club is mostly nice older people who love having kids come and participate. You can take your rocks to be identified and they take monthly field trips to collect things! Plus they are (were) generally very willing to tell us about the good hunting spots! In October they also have a big show up in Knoxville that they host.

  2. Hello i was reading your blog(we homeschool and live in lafayette tn) and we spent the new years weekend in Severville and we come up all the time to the Mts. and have never been to Douglas Dam and lake. So on Sat. while we were waiting on the rest to get done at the flea market we decided to drive over to the lake and all i can say is WOW! we didnt find any cool gems but we did find a dirt pig path labled TVA public land and drove back on it, the water was low and showed the beautiful banks and and rocks. you are so luck to have such a nice area. we have lakes and the cumberland river to go to but it is nowere neare as pretty as what we seen there. we plan to come camping (if we get a chance) this spring or fall.