Monday, December 5, 2011

Feasting and Decorating

This weekend, the girls and I decided we wanted some Swedish Christmas food. While I made Swedish rye bread (Jeremiah's grandma's recipe) and Swedish meatballs, Miah and Zahana made saft glogg.

And Swedish apple pie and pepparkakor. Miah had some good practice with dividing both recipes in half and measuring.

Dress-up while waiting for the yummies.


Larkin made sure we had a Swedish flag on the table.

Mr. Pathetic didn't enjoy the food as much as some of us!

But everybody enjoyed the desserts. (Well, I enjoyed smelling them. I'm not on GAPS anymore, but I'm not eating gluten or sugar.)

I tried out some authentic Swedish coffee and had some rice pudding. The coffee wasn't really significant, just more difficult to prepare. I think I'll stick with my coffee maker.

Later, we took the kids to pick out a Christmas tree.

Jeremiah got the kids some potted spruce trees to decorate and plant later.

Our forest animal advent calendar.

The kids love to play with the little animals.


  1. I love this post. It actually made me get up and string our tree with lights! It's time! Enough loafing around!

    Hey, could you send me the recipe for Grandma's Rye Bread? In a strange order of events, I was planning a trip to see her the weekend after she fell so she could teach me how to make it. But I think I know enough (and I own a kitchen aid) that I should be able to pull it off. Did you butter and salt it when you ate it? This is some strange tradition in our family. I've never known another to salt their bread, but man, it's good.

  2. Hey Sarah, do you guys celebrate St. Lucia Day? My students at school did a project on it last year and I think our family will do something for it this year.

  3. Wow! You guys have been up to lots of things lately! Don't you love how real trees smell? This year we got a real Christmas tree for the first time, I'm loving it!