Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Creation Museum

We've been wanting to go to the Creation Museum for a long time, and my dad took us this week.
First thing in the door was a couple of people holding snakes and a tuatara, which they quickly passed to whoever wanted to hold them, which included me and Larkin.

There were lots of skeletons and dinosaur replicas.

An archeological dig exhibit.

Many exhibits explained how all scientists have the same evidence (fossils, rock layers, etc.) but begin with different beliefs that shape the way they explain what they find. Evolution is a belief just like creationism is. After all, none of us were there to see how the earth began, and the big bang theory is not testable, repeatable science.

Adam and Eve in the garden.

Noah's ark.

A fun dinosaur to climb on.

After lunch, we went back in to see some of the films they had showing and there was a story time for the kids.

Then we went over to the petting zoo.

A zorse and zedonk.

A very friendly wallaby.

Larkin took several pictures of the fish.

Miah and Larkin were thrilled to find these pitcher plants in the garden.

One even had a bug in it that was trying to get out but kept slipping back down inside.

It was a perfectly lovely day, a memory we will cherish.

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  1. Oh, I REALLY wished I lived in the US now!!! How cool! Thanks for kids loved this post too! :)