Friday, October 28, 2011

Work and Play

Here are a few pictures of everyday, normal stuff.
Larkin working on his math.

Miah writing a letter.

Rohan and Zahana playing doctor.

Zahana practicing writing letters.

We all went to the fort a couple days ago. After picnicking, the kids didn't want to go over to the actual fort part. They wanted to draw and play under the trees and look for acorn caps and create land art. So that's what we did.

And here's a picture of my belly from last week at 14 weeks. Only 14 weeks and look how big my belly is!!


  1. Looking so beautiful at 14 weeks. Love all your pictures as usual.

  2. Oh your belly! It is so exciting and fun. So, so happy for you guys. You look great.

    And Larkin's teepee is pretty awesome. And the way he hunkers down in it. :)

  3. Just seen this beautiful news now. Congratulations. So happy for you!