Monday, October 31, 2011

Typical Monday

Breakfast, Bible, chores. Miah had time to read Kaya.
Then off to Monday Fun classes.
I snuck a picture of Miah in her Color Theory class.

Zahana and Rohan played a game with rhyming words while we waited for our class to start.

And matched upper case and lower case letters.

We learned about Johnny Appleseed in my history class. First, we had a story. Then everybody tried a slice from five different apples. And we played a game. I split the class into two teams and gave each kid an apple. Using a pot to carry their apple, each team member had to take turns racing to a the center of the room where I had a row of states cut out from cardstock and labeled. They were the states Johny Appleseed planted apple trees - Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. So they had to race to see which team could get all their apples to the states first. We made each round more difficult by how they carried the apple - in the pot lid, on their heads, etc.

(Last Monday's class was on slavery and was my favorite class so far. I didn't take any pictures, though. We read Follow the Drinking Gourd, then I passed out two cotton bolls to each kid. They picked the seeds out of one to see how long it took - about 10 minutes. The other one was just for taking home. Then we made mancala games using egg cartons and beans.)

Time to unwind by flying down the stairs on giant fish pillows. Then playing outside.

Suppertime. Bathtime. Nest Entertainment Bible stories on YouTube - Miah's request, I didn't even know they were on there.
Miah started her rag rug.

I fixed Zahana's hair, and we had such a good talk about letter sounds and spelling. She is just so ready for all this. First, she started talking about how to spell bathtub. I helped her sound it out, and she actually spelled it except for the "th". This is the very first time she's made the connection of sounds to letters - at least in that she was able to say which sounds were made by which letters. I love it! Then she wanted to spell several more words, so we did, together.
When I finished all the little braids with beads, it was time for bed.
Full day.

Catch-up on the Everyday

I want to start posting more of a daily chronicle, including not just the funnest things we do but also the more ordinary things. I tried to take more pictures of those ordinary things last week but didn't get them posted, so I'm doing a catch-up post of last week, then hopefully I can get on a more regular daily posting schedule. We had a couple of rainy days this week, which were kind of relaxing but made for pictures with icky lighting. Oh well. Guess that's part of the everyday.
We usually start the day with breakfast at 7:00. While the kids eat, I read a chapter from the Bible to them. We are currently working through the New Testament and are in James. Then I read a chapter of Proverbs, we sing some Bible verse songs, and pray together.
Then we go up to the Forest Room. We usually start with Sequential Spelling. I sit next to the little chalk board and call out words for Miah and Larkin to spell and letters for Zahana to practice writing on the board. Rohan will look at books or play with his little animals.

Then we move to math. We're using Saxon now, and it is going well. They have a few math drills to do every day. They are supposed to see how many problems they can get done in 45 seconds.

But I recently ditched the clock and told the kids to just race. They work much faster this way.

Practicing dictionary skills. Let me tell you, using a children's dictionary (pictured here) is a lot better for beginners than trying to use a giant old Webster's version. The kids choose one of the words to write a sentence after they've looked them all up.

Zahana and Rohan play quietly while I'm working with Miah and Larkin, then I work with the little ones while the big ones are doing independent work.

We used to use these big dice and glass pebbles for practicing one-to-one correspondence. Now we use them for learning addition. This is a favorite activity for them.

Using geoboards. I'll say, "Make a shape with 3 sides." Or 4 or 5. Rohan likes to see what Zahana comes up with before he gives it a try. Then we'll just see what patterns or pictures we can come up with.

On Thursday, I had some time alone with Zahana. We cut out magazine pictures to make a book. She wrote a few words under the pictures - bluebird, rose, etc.

I've had this little activity that I used with Miah and Larkin but never got it out for Zahana. You just match uppercase and lowercase letters. I wasn't sure how she'd do, since she didn't know any lowercase letters a few weeks ago. But she did great. She knows almost all of them now. She picks up on things so quickly that it is a delight to me.

Ordering number cards.

World map puzzle, which set her off on a puzzle-making marathon.

Word puzzles.

Alphabet puzzle.

She hasn't had these blocks out for a while, and she decided she would try using the instruction booklet. And she did it!

Since I am feeling much better now, I decided to backtrack a little in history and add a little more to the subjects we had gone through so quickly when I was feeling bad with morning (all day) sickness.
A few books to review the War of 1812, the Industrial Revolution, and the American revival of the early 1800's. I really enjoyed the chapters we read in From Sea to Shining Sea and want to read the whole book now. We also watched Mill Times from the library, and it was surprisingly good. We actually didn't finish it, and the kids keep asking to see the rest of it.

Pioneer studies. We have been reading the Little House series together as a family, and really adding in more books seemed a little overkill.

I had a list of activities and let the kids each pick one. Zahana chose making doughnuts. At first we tried this recipe, because it was pretty authentic. However the dough was really thick and hard to work with. We got a few good ones, which everybody liked, but I gave up on the frustrating recipe and went for something a little easier.

While the kids were waiting for me to finish the doughnuts, they built Fort Boonesborough.

Then went out to play Moses and the Israelites.

And climb trees.

Our little pioneer meal: doughnuts, bacon, and raw milk - half-way authentic.

Rohan wanted to make the shadow puppets found in A Pioneer Sampler.

And Larkin made the "fiddle" from the same book.

I'm not sure exactly how this qualifies as a fiddle (maybe banjo?), but it was fun anyway. Miah will be making a little rag rug, but we haven't gotten to that yet.

Sunday between church and small group, I had some play time with Rohan while the other kids played outside.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Punkins and Fishin'

Jeremiah took the kids to the pumpkin patch Wednesday. I opted out.

And I just found these pictures from last week, when Uncle Dallas and Aunt Megan took the kids fishing in their back yard. The kids each caught at least one fish and had lots of fun.