Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Fun

On Mondays we go to homeschool co-op classes. This was our third week. Miah is taking a jewelry making class, color theory, and another art class. Larkin is taking chess, geography, and a science experiment class. Zahana and Rohan are taking their very first class, Animal Habitats. Yesterday, Zahana was cracking me up when I asked what she learned in class. Apparently, the lesson was on Antarctica. So I asked what animals live there. "Penguins and ghost-es," she said. Later I was asking about the picture she drew. There was a tall pine tree, white snow, and some kind of creature. "What's this?" I asked. "An animal." "What kind of animal?" "A ghost." Okay! I know her teacher would be proud. :) Rohan told me how they tried to balance paper eggs on their feet like penguins. He said it was pretty hard.
I teach a class on American history in the early 1800's. All my kids are in there with me. The first week, I wasn't there because Rohan puked in the car on the way there. A friend covered for me. They made Lewis and Clark nature journals. Last week, we learned about the War of 1812 and the Star Spangled Banner. We made giant stars to represent the stars on the flag at Fort McHenry using these instructions. The stars on the original flag were 26" point to point. Due to the size of my paper, ours were only 22".
This week, we learned about the Industrial Revolution. The kids made their own inventions out of a bunch of junk I brought. I'm always nervous about how long an activity will actually take. I was afraid the kids would be uninterested and say they were done after 10 minutes. Actually, they loved it and were disappointed when we had to clean up.
Miah made some kind of cool whirligig thing.

A bracelet Zahana's friend made for her.

Larkin made a paddle boat, and Rohan made an airplane.

After their 4 classes, Larkin has Boys Game Club. The other kids play on the playground.

The boys played some kind of dodge ball game.

And then after all that, we go home and I collapse into bed.


  1. sarah i am finally knitting with the bamboo homespun i won from you ages ago. and i am IN LOVE... i think i want more ! xoxoxox

  2. i'm going to my 1st homeschool assoc meeting tonight. i'm hoping that by joining i can get my kids involved in some activities like these. seems fun!

  3. Looks like your kids are really enjoying the co-op! I love Larkin's paddleboat, really cool! My boys love theirs but I still haven't joined in the fun! (was in labor the first week, 2nd week had company from {way} out of town! and this week both girls are sick...) You poor thing... the utter exhaustion should pass soon! Mine only lasted the first 9 months or so! I feel much better now!