Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doing Their Own Thing

Miah and Larkin tried a few of the challenges over at Think! Larkin made this floating fish.

Miah tried a challenge involving crayons and the sun. Unfortunately the sun didn't show up in enough force to help out any.

Miah tried an egg drop - successfully!

Rohan - doing his own thing. He's been enjoying beading a lot lately.

One of Zahana's favorite things to do is fix her dolls' hair.

Another Think! challenge: making a 12" bridge out of string.

Drawing from The Lamb's Book of Art.

An elephant with a guy riding on top.

Face paint - another thing Zahana and Rohan love.

Making wooden peg people.

And felt food.

Larkin is still into learning about the rainforest. Here's his latest little setup. He has plans now for becoming a scientist and researching in the rainforest.

Zahana helped me tape word labels around the house.

Decorating a stick.

Watching Between the Folds, a fascinating exploration of origami. The kids were trying out some things they saw before the movie was over.

My favorite picture of the week: I walked in the room and the kids were having a book discussion.


  1. Love that last pic! SO cute! Love that website also...thanks for sharing. Ethan will love it.

  2. I always love your posts. You guys do such great stuff and I'm always finding something I want to try out with my kiddos. Just ordered Between the Folds from the library and can't wait to try some of the challenges off of Think.


  3. *LOVE* that last picture! And again, you inspire and motivate me with your posts of the great things y'all are learning. Thanks for sharing the Think website--I have a feeling my kiddos are going to love that! ;)

  4. Such great activities! Thanks for the "Think" link, Sarah! Hope all is going well with your pregnancy! :)

  5. awww. Gotta love a good book discussion.