Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cades Cove

We went to Cades Cove yesterday. It was nice in the shady woods and there weren't too many people. We found some quiet places to enjoy.
I like going in the evening when the horses are in the field.

I tried getting several pictures of the kids all together so I could make a new header.

Touching the sticky sap.

We found some artist's conks to draw on with sticks.

Picnicking in the cove.

The kids decided it was time to find some water. Ice cold water!

And then they found the mud.

More prettiness.


  1. oh, i haven't been over there for so long!! in fact, i think the last time was when i was a teenager and i got sprayed by a skunk there! i really should venture over with the children. such a beautiful place. ;)

  2. My daughter LOVES horses and mud. We have an awesome picture of her wearing mud gloves and mud boots :)
    Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  3. Fabulous photos! I love the stretch of the arm ending in a soft horsey caress. And the following photo of the horse? GORGEOUS!!! Wonderful header too. Full of softness, strength, and light.

    And mud ROCKS!

  4. My VERY FAVORITE kind of place!

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. my kids would LOVE mud like that! looks like an amazing time :-)

  6. I have tagged you for a homeschooling meme because I want my homeschool to look like yours. I want to learn more about your homeschool resources. Pop on over and see what I am talking about...