Sunday, July 24, 2011


Four pounds of scraps - hand dyed, mostly BFL. I was so excited to get this package in the mail. I was all out of COLOR, so this just made my day.

First, I separated out a bag of green for making granny squares.

Just before we went up to Minnesota, I discovered Picto Create on Ravelry. A picture is posted every Monday as inspiration for a spinning project. During the trip, I kept thinking about turning pictures into yarn. Now that I have COLOR I can stop dreaming and get to work.

I started spinning some brown as a base for the above project but decided I liked it too much to cover it up. So I just made two singles and plyed them. I love this picture of Zahana with the singles. The finished project ended up being a disappointment - the singles look much better. Now I'm trying to think of how I can improve it.


  1. What a fun package to get in the mail!! Can't wait to see the finished "picture" in yarn. That picture of Zahana is beautiful, she looks so sweet!

  2. Lovely colours x

    I love the last photo too, my daughter loves posing with wool like that too - have many photos of her with a skein for hair!